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Friday, February 23, 2007

keep on keeping on

hello everyone!

my, what a hectic start to the year! things have been all over the place, with many exciting things happening over at chilibean, and not much of anything else going on in the rest of my life. well... not much that i could blog about in a few seconds or so. we should do coffee. how is your 2008 looking?

so this post is just to let you know that i am still alive, still victoire, and if i owe you an email i know who you are, and would love to get back to you... and i will get back to you... but not anytime soon. sorry!

let me know how things are going on your side... it will help me to keep on keeping on!

lots of love, v.

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Anonymous Aquila said...

So how do we go about booking you for coffee then, if you're not going to get to the email any time soon? aah 2008.

:) Good luck there Victoire

3:13 pm

Blogger victoire said...

very funny aquila! heh heh heh... no, i do actually read the emails sent to me, i just don't get around to replying to all of them at the precise moment of reading. simple explanation really.

erm... yeah... about 2008... ;)

:) thanks - they say that at least it keeps one out of mischief!

6:34 pm


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