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Friday, February 02, 2007


i had the nicest compliment i've ever had today - from the cleaning lady, Joyce, here at the office!

she said that she loves my laughter... she always listens to my laugh around the office and it rings in her head. she reckons she could laugh all on her own just from hearing my laugh!

it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. i think i'm going to go home and laugh to myself a bit... :)

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Blogger Carlz said...

that is a lovely compliment! nothing like a good laugh - can solve almost anything :)

12:08 pm

Blogger victoire said...

hey carlz! i was so touched by her sincereness. it really did brighten up my day & re-affirmed my thoughts lately on happiness in the workplace. a possible theory: that happiness at work could be measured by the amount of laughter going around the office?

12:45 pm

Anonymous Martin said...

Love it! It's moments like those that just make an entire day/week/month/year :-)

6:44 pm

Blogger victoire said...

hey martin! it has certainly made my year... maybe a decade or two. however, i need to tell you that your appearing on my blog so frequently lately is definitely a close runner-up. *beam*

6:59 pm

Anonymous Martin said...

Why it's only a pleasure! I wouldn't dream of not commenting on such lovely displays of life-appreciation.

*beam back*

7:11 am


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