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Saturday, July 08, 2006


i am not easily annoyed. i am a rather amiable sort of person. but right now... right now i am annoyed.

firstly with iburst, which is just not performing the way i think it should, dropping the connection every so often, not loading pages properly, and a million and one (okay okay i do exagerate here) other things one would not want to be bothered with when browsing and editing online.

secondly with blogger... oh yes, my very own blog. i want to edit the html in my template. but it will not, will not, load the full template when the page is loaded. this is aggravated by iburst disconnecting me right in the middle of a page load.

urgh. annoyed. and probably a bit too whiney too...

edit 1

i am no longer annoyed, i am furious... turns out that the iburst cutting out in the middle of editing my template actually deleted most of my template. goodbye to all the customisation i had done. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... arrrrggggghhhhhh.... *jumps up and down in fury* (23:48)

edit 2

i've managed to restore my blog i think... *yawn*... oh, i am indifferent now. p003y to p003y to iburst, i am going to bed. (01:03)


Anonymous Paul J said...

Yeah, I heard not so great reviews about iBurst. I was hoping you'd have a better experience with it.

As for Blogger ... perhaps it is time to make the move to your other blog? Even if you can only edit the code on that site when iBurst is working/when you are a wifi hotspot/sporadically?

7:43 am


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