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Friday, June 30, 2006


i received a reply to an email from a friend recently… he seemed appalled that i was spending so much time alone, doing so many things by myself. how could this be?

i can see his point of view… i am a good looking late twenty-something single woman… i should be out there somewhere enjoying cocktails on the arms of dashing gentlemen, swooning at the attentions of intellectual fun-loving… ok let me not let my imagination get too carried away. in contrast i am doing all of these… things… alone. like browsing exclusive books. or sipping on mochas at seattle coffee company whilst burying my nose in a book. and even braving the weekend’s evening crowds to order a single ticket at the cinema. yes, one, one ticket to see… these things may be appalling, but i think he might be horrified to find out how much of my time is actually spent at home! (alone)

surprising as it may sound, believe me no one is more surprised than me, i am happy single… and happy alone. ok not always… but most of the time. this post, however, is not going to see me citing the benefits of being single. perhaps another day. no, that email awoke all sorts of questions in my mind. why am i not out on the town? are jo’burgers really such losers? am i really such a loser? where did all those people i used to know go? where does one meet people, with similar interests, in a new city? am i trying hard enough to meet new people? should i be swooping in on unsuspecting potentials with a “call me” card, and whooshing off as unexpectedly? seriously?

admittedly dating in the city can be devastating on one’s social life post said relationship. not only does one lose the friend in question, and that can be difficult enough, one tends to lose all those friends and contacts made during said relationship. and i’m not talking about potential dates, i’m talking about actual friends, buddies, like minded individuals. people one gets along with, shares interests with, people one might consider getting in touch with if there were an event one would like to attend, that one may no longer contact because of the “politics” of the break up bomb. as i said, devastating.

so perhaps i am better off sitting at home, enjoying my “me” time? at least i am spending some quality time with an intelligent, fun loving, like minded, might i say dashing, individual…


Anonymous Paul J said...

I don't see the point is rushing around to meet people if that isn't what you really want or are ready for. Spending some time with yourself when you enjoy being with yourself is fantastic.

I decided not to date anyone after I broke up with my last girlfriend (before I met my wife) and spent 6 months doing things on my own, experiencing more of what it is to be me. Besides, it does make booking movie tickets much easier, there is always a single seat somewhere and you get to choose what to see, every time.

8:13 am


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