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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

coincidences abound...

so i am going ahead with my application to volunteer at the botshabelo babies' home... i've sent in my application, and basically got the go ahead, except for having to submit some documentation... including a police clearance! i am really excited about this... i'm really looking forward to spending time with the little ones...

anyways... i was googling for the nearest police station (with the move i have no clue where anything is!) when i came upon a blog mostly about south africa and it's current events... rather interesting. then i surf over to david's cv... and low and behold he also grew up in pretoria, went to tuks and studied a bsc in computer science... not only that, but he's involved in putting up online dictionaries, the first (i think) of which was a northern sotho dictionary... which i studied up to matric level... scary. well to me it is anyway... i mean it's not everyday i come across someone who has so much in common with me. ok i'm starting to feel silly. i'll go to pottery now.


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