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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

can you say

remember that list problem i posted about? well it turns out that the solution was right under my nose... and it's even easier and simpler than i expected!

enter i had heard about before... had seen references to it on blogs here and there... but had never actually gone to take a closer look. until yesterday's late late night at the office. i went to check it out, thought "hmmmm... ok..." and then started realising the possibilities whilst browsing the help files. here was my solution to easily updateable lists!

this is how it works:
  • as i'm browsing the web i tag sites that i want to bookmark with' handy bookmarklets...
  • i use tags relevant to the site as well as a common tag for sites i want to group together, e.g. "links"
  • using' link roll generator, java script code is generated that i can paste directly into my site template.
    • i can display all my bookmarks OR
    • only those matching a specified tag
  • now all i do is maintain my bookmarks
how awesome is that?!


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