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Thursday, June 01, 2006

out and about

this week certainly has been a busy one... life in general seems to be pretty busy... busy but where does all the time go, what does one have to show for it? i'm finally settled into a routine of sorts with my life... days go by, i go to work, i come home... i don't feel unsettled, upside down anymore... life is pretty normal. not that i don't wish for a little more excitement sometimes, but generally, everything is a-ok.

one thing i am pretty proud of is my starting the abs diet again (baby steps), and orbitrekking every morning when i wake up! i am enjoying the healthy meals, and strangely enough don't really miss all the eating out and junk food... sometimes it is tempting to go get take-out for dinner, simply for time saving reasons! i tend to get home pretty late, never leaving before 18:00 to avoid traffic - yes, i live closer to work, but traffic is a part of life in the city of gold! - but also because i get to work late... man it is a mission to get up in the mornings! i don't know whether it's the cold weather or just my age catching up with me! ;) heheheh...

talking about ageing... i attended a wine tasting on tuesday evening! yes, yes, a bit of a lame pun, but if i'm going to be comparing myself to anything it may as well be a good red wine... :) anyways... i had quite an enjoyable time. the wine tasting was held at the pretoria botanical gardens' venue hall, with live performance by Brandon Stafford (singing) and Kevin Feather (keyboard)... and a handful of estates to sample from. but alas, i wasn't really in the mood to get sloshed on good wine, not after a hard day's work and the prospects of driving home alone from pta to jhb (g)looming over me, so i sampled a few wines, and then headed off to enjoy the pleasant company, music, live entertainment from little kiddies running around cute as buttons, and a great port from Beaumont. i really enjoyed Beaumont's wines... and the guy (the name eludes me at present) presenting the wines was really great as well... he certainly knew his stuff!

we were also planning to go to the hillsong concert after the wine tasting, however were disappointed to find out it was sold out! ok ok... so we should've known... but we never really paid much attention to that kind of thing before... call it an element in the new spiritual journey... or something like that!

"yay!" the techie in me shouts out... i finally downloaded and installed feedreader! it's great to be reading feeds again... there's just something about it, abstracted away from the clutter of the web page... not that i don't like web sites... web sites are great, especially when beautifully designed...

what do i have to show for my time? besides blog posts and the everyday debris of living? well now... a product of my own hands... lovingly created... a beautiful little vase! :)

it was made by joining 2 pinch pots together, beating it into shape with the back of a wooden spoon, and then cutting it open again and adding the rim... rather funky eh? check out flickr for many more pics, and to oggle the funky glaze... very different from what i had originally intended, but spunky nonetheless.


Anonymous ashir said...

life does seem to canter by - but i think that if you've got something to show for it (pottery exploits, sexy abs, a kicka$s good dissertation evaluation, or a marathon medal) then the feeling of accomplishment adds meaning and a sense of fulfilment ...

10:30 pm

Blogger victoire said...

too true... but these are all small things... and i have this burning desire in my heart to accomplish more. then again every small thing added one by one makes me feel more and more grounded. i am living my life.

12:03 pm


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