parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

best before [insert date here]

argh what has happened to me? my creativity has gone for an extended holiday somewhere, and i feel blah constantly. I am being told that I look stressed by people at work (then you know it's really bad). And I nearly completely lost the plot with someone at work yesterday... although i've been told i looked like i was about to burst into tears. well perhaps a bit of both then. right now i am sitting at my desk with a stack of sticky notes balancing on each shoulder. don't ask. if i wiggle my shoulders about a bit the notes wobble about precariously but don't fall off. hmmm... there may be a business idea in there somewhere. it feels kinda liberating to be sitting here doing something wacky for once.

in other news I decided to give the whole work blog thing a go. so I have 1 post down. and nothing else to write about. perhaps with time.

and now it's time to expire...


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