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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

bah! humbug!

this has not been the most fortunate weeks of my life.

my laptop was stolen! gone! and with it most of my data. :( backups... do they really exist? because I swear I used to have them, but something went wrong and now I don't anymore. ;'(

i had 2 apisectomies in 1 op. plus there was an infection in my jaw. plus they had to replace some bone in my jaw. plus i developed cellulitis and the whole right side of my face went puffy. I am still recovering. urgh and I can't even brush my 8 front teeth properly till the 16th when the stitches come out!!! I did buy a cute little baby tooth brush for the week, starting friday, that i can sort of brush them with though... *sigh*

i have hiccups. yep it's because i'm hungry.

on the brighter side of things, i signed the lease to my sister and I's new place on Monday! is signing a fax legal, and does it count if you fax it back to the original person? ah well... I've paid the deposit none the less, and it looks like we can start moving stuff in from the 15th. 1 small step for humankind, 1 giant leap for the a-sisters.


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