parlez vous victoire?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

juicy jo-burger

Yes, I have finally moved... and suddenly life is upside down. I love the place, love the furniture we have bought, love that I am closer to work... everything is great... except for the fact that my life does not fit into the box I call home. Ok it's not that bad... I just need to make time for unpacking, and get imaginative and creative about packing space... I cannot wait till I am well & truly settled in... or have some sort of feeling of stability.

Then there are other things... my bike! I miss my mtb! It's still in pta because I haven't found a place for it yet at the new place. I miss riding. I miss mtb races... they were fun. I miss me... weird as that sounds. I wish I were a mind reader some times and that I were more patient and tolerant others. While I'm at it I wish for world peace... and 1 me to rule them all ;)


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