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Sunday, October 23, 2005


so i'm back at the drawing board regarding my productivity... i'm just not that into my research paper any more! :( anyways, i remembered 43folders and there i read about the printable ceo... which led me to pocketmod... i don't know if i actually got anywhere, but i got to read a bit about productivity, and organising myself, and hopefully my head is in the right place now, because i don't have anymore time to MESS AROUND! *sigh*

check out those sites, btw, awesome idea this... a cheap pda piece of paper... i have been considering a pda... i still dig the feeling of having stuff captured electronically... i'm a geek at heart, even though i can't really techno-babble! speaking of pda's anyone (is there anyone out there?) got any ideas of a small, cool, cheapish, pda toy? i was thinking it might be a bonus if i can combine it with my cell phone... but i don't know. i just tend to enjoy things more, with the more functionality i can squeeze out of them! go figure...

would be cool if the ipod was an ipod, organiser, notes, camera, music, phone... :) should i stop?


Anonymous Dave Seah said...

When I had to write my thesis, I was really not into it either. I kept thinking of cooler things to do. One thing that made me feel better, for some reason. I started writing down things I'd rather be doing and putting them in a pickle jar. It seemed to help me focus. Don't know why :-)

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