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Monday, October 10, 2005

chocolate birthday cake

what a day…

it is a monday

i got to check out three beautiful asses on my way to work

of the donkey variety, that is… had you thinking there, didn’t i? :)

i left home later than usual, 5:55 or something, and thus took the short cut, circumventing ½ an hour’s worth of traffic by simply enduring a rutted dirt road… well perhaps not simple… i hate to think of the effects those bumps have on my car! and thus got to observe these lovely docile creatures as i bounced and juddered along the road.

i was in a naughty mood all day long…

i worked instead.

i had chocolate birthday cake.

it was sweltering on the way home… 34 degrees celsius. it started to rain, a strange rain, with the dark clouds above, but blue sky ahead, and the sun shining brightly… a monkey’s wedding… lovely to get some rain. and then it stopped. the city streets were wet with rain as i drove in, but soon dried up. and i saw the most horrendous site. a red mx5, with a mullet-toting cellphone-speaking neanderthal. ok, he wasn’t that big. but his mullet… the mullet! oh the horror! he had rather normal short hair, up to the base, where a horizontal line of hair just grew down… it grew and grew… and grew… if mullets were in fashion, he would be da bomb! i think i am still in shock.

i learnt a new word at work today. horizontical. 90 degrees from vertical. i should not mock afrikaans people, i know my afrikaans is horrendous. it took some stifling and a secret smile, all the same. you just can’t laugh at people who are helping you out on your project by explaining the same thing for the hundredth time to yet another analyst.

and i worked on my research paper again today. i am finally making progress! hurrah!

it rained as i was working. so divine sitting here, hearing the wind rushing in the trees. with the rain pattering, falling.

i have had songs from the october sl mag’s free cd running around my head all day… I listened to it loud on the way to work. really like it. “don’t let the sun. be the one. to change you baby...” *clap clap clap* something like that. and yes you do have to hear it to understand. it's from the magic numbers’ song, forever lost. the other song that i’m really into is the parlotones’ beautiful. “you deserve to be adored”. besides being a beautiful song, no *poits* for guessing why i think it’s relevant ;) heheheh…

my blog has become an avalanche. i can’t stop. i think i’m addicted. it does allow for a welcome reprieve from the everyday though. and all the work.

i nearly forgot. i am cycling a 50km race on sunday. in parys. it’s the crater cruise, and a rather popular event. i’m not going for all the festivities, but i have heard of them building a small “paris” complete with miniature eiffel tower! if i can’t do paris, why not parys... heheheh...

the spanish film festival is another point on my agenda this week. i get to experience the wonders of spain! :)

i can’t wait till i do go travelling one day. there is so much i’d like to see and experience. *sigh* all in good time.


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