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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have a dilemma... I want to get Internet at home. I am moving soon (hopefully first half of next year some time). What do I do?

I would prefer getting ADSL, but that's the hassle of getting a Telkom line installed and activated, and finding out whether they have an exchange in my area (they need a Telkom number to establish this apparently *urgh*), and then getting the ADSL set up. Also a separate ISP. When I move, all this hassle was for nothing...

Then there's iBurst. I've used iBurst at home before, it worked quite well, except when the weather was rather blustery & miserable. But what if I move to a non-iBurst supported area?

3G. It's not that cheap. It may/may not be supported where I stay, the coverage map is a bit patchy.

hmmmm... what to do...


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