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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i seem to have forgotten to blog about a fairly significant occurance recently... i have an ipod.

well, i guess now is as good a time as any to hear the story...

it all started with me not being able to attend my work's year end function in the last week of november because i was working on a church camp, which started that friday. there were rumours that anyone not attending the function would not get their christmas gifts... so, not wanting to miss out i decided to have a chat with my boss, who instead of consoling me managed to connive me into going! i managed to make an arrangement to arrive at the camp late... hurray i was going to the office eoy party!

it was a rather fun, and eventful party for me... it was the first in four years at which i consumed no alcohol. i found "the dot" under the salt cellar with some help from a... and won the opportunity to humiliate myself dancing the twist with one of the managers, and a hamper of goodies to eat. then there was an announcement that a "ching chong cha" (otherwise known as rock paper scissors) championship was to be held. and the prize... you guessed it... an apple ipod nano.

at first i wasn't going to enter. but then it slowly dawned on me. i could win an ipod. i could win an ipod. an ipod. and the game was on. we played the best of 3. and i kept on wiping out my opponents. somehow. i was too nervous and jittery to figure out how. then i was in the final round! - first i have to tell you that we have mostly guys in our company, being in i.t. that is not uncommon. guys take competitions very seriously. especially when you call them championships. so me getting to the final round was quite something. - my opponent was especially serious about this whole thing. i was nearly scared. but i just stared into his eyes and gave it my best shot. (i have been told that i have eyes that look into your soul. i have no idea what that means. but i hoped that it would assist in winning)...

i had no strategy. i just managed to withstand his fervent shouts of "CHING CHONG CHA!" as we played one round after the other. i won best of 3. but then the rules changed and we had to do best of 5. the heat was turned up, and my legs were jelly. i can't even remember my last choice of rock / paper / scissors. i think it was paper. and i won against his rock.

and now i have a 2gb 2nd generation nano. just like that. :)

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Anonymous Paul Jacobson said...

Now I feel like a twit! I actually saw the iPod in your hand this morning and forgot to congratulate you. :-P

5:28 pm

Blogger victoire said...

ha ha! i will gloat with it next time i see you... :) it really is an awesome little gadget... something i've always wanted but never saw my budget accommodating!

7:05 pm

Anonymous Paul Jacobson said...

I love my iPod and take it virtually everywhere I go. The new nanos are pretty cool and I hope the next generation iPod comes out with a similar case.

7:36 am


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