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Saturday, December 23, 2006

wallet 2.0 live

it seems that web 2.0 is slowly seeping into everyday design... yes, that's right... get your next generation wallet now!

As found on MoCo Loco:
All the way from Taiwan and just in time for Xmas, MoCo Loco gets its very own "wallet from the future", the Wallet 2.0. It's bigger than expected, more for a back pocket than a front one. It's made of pliable silicone and bends easily. The flip-top container contains organizer/planner-like refill sheets designed for use with the wallet. It comes with five types of refill sheets - bill, coins, ID, credit cards and 'others' and there are more sheets on the way.

Kinda fits in with what i was saying about design the other day... personally, i love the wallet 2.0... i might even get me a green one :)


Anonymous Paul said...

They are pretty cool actually!

9:14 am


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