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Friday, December 15, 2006


blogger joel over at joel on software describes his views on elegance with relevance to software in his article "elegance"...

i love the article because it describes exactly how i feel about design. design of anything, and i guess that would include software and architecture as described in his article, as well as websites, home appliances, cars, kitchenware... yes, everything.

i can't describe the joy, the tingling happy feeling i get when i see or get to use something well-designed. and of course the utter disappointment at having to face something badly designed or lacking in elegance. when i see something i like i just want to share it with the world, say "hey! look at this, doesn't it look / feel awesome?!" now, if only more companies, designers, manufacturers would hook onto the elegance concept and realise that there is money to be made from me (and people like me) advertising their stuff for free, just because it looks good!

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